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    Vacuum bags

    Vacuum bags tube, vacuum bags side seal transparent, vacuum bags side seal other, vacuum bags shrink and vacuum machines are all useful tools in the food industry and other sectors where food and product packaging is important.
    Vacuum bags are designed to pack and store food and products in an efficient and hygienic way. Tube vacuum bags are suitable for packaging longer products, such as sausages and fish, while side-sealed transparent and side-sealed other vacuum bags are suitable for packaging various types of food and products.
    Shrink vacuum bags offer extra protection and can be used for packaging delicate or fragile products. Vacuum sealers are essential for vacuum packaging food and products, ensuring efficient and hygienic packaging.
    By using vacuum bags and vacuum machines, food and product packaging can last longer and the freshness and quality of the contents is preserved. This makes vacuum bags and vacuum sealers useful in the food industry, but also in other sectors where product packaging is important.
    In short, vacuum bags and vacuum machines are useful tools for efficient and hygienic packaging and storage of food and products. They help to maintain the quality and freshness of products and contribute to efficient and safe processing and storage of goods.


    Plastic bags

    Poly bags, crate bags, flat bags, pallet covers, plastic sheets, garbage bags and BIO-line garbage bags are all useful tools in various sectors, such as the logistics sector, the food industry and the cleaning industry.
    Poly bags and flat bags provide a convenient way to package and protect goods during transport and storage. Crate bags are specially designed to fit over crates and provide a simple and efficient way to protect goods from dirt and dust.
    Pallet covers and plastic sheets provide protection against moisture, dust and dirt during the transport and storage of goods. They help prevent damage and save time and costs associated with repacking damaged goods.
    Garbage bags are essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. They provide a convenient way to collect and dispose of waste and reduce the spread of bacteria and odors.
    BIO-line garbage bags are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for collecting and disposing of waste. They are made from biodegradable materials and reduce environmental impact.
    In short, these tools are indispensable in various sectors and contribute to efficient and safe handling and storage of goods, as well as maintaining hygiene and safety in the workplace. They provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for packaging, transporting and storing goods, and reduce environmental impact by using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.


    Plastic containers

    Gastro trays, topseal foils, Jpack trays, oven trays, meatwrap foils, meat intermediates, meat trays, kilo trays, salad trays, catering trays, foam trays, pound trays and H320 PP trays are all useful tools for packaging and presenting food in different sectors such as the food industry and catering.
    Gastro trays provide a convenient way to present and serve food, while top seal films ensure safe and hygienic food packaging. Jpack trays and oven trays are useful for heating and serving food, while meatwrap foils and meat product dividers offer protection against moisture and bacteria.
    Meat trays and kilo trays provide an efficient way to pack and present meat and other products, while salad trays and catering trays are useful for serving salads and other cold dishes. Foam trays and pound trays are ideal for packaging take-out and other on-the-go meals.
    H320 PP trays are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for food packaging and presentation. They are made from recycled materials and can be recycled after use.
    In short, these tools are indispensable in the food industry and catering and provide a convenient and hygienic way to package, present and serve food. They help maintain hygiene and safety in the workplace and ensure efficient and safe handling of food.



    Hygiene paper, gloves, head protection and protective clothing for the body are indispensable tools for maintaining hygiene in various sectors such as healthcare, food industry and cleaning.
    Hygiene paper, such as

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