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    Brada Verpakkingen - Saturday 17 December 2022

    How to use strapping band

    The importance of strapping your pallets

    To guarantee that the load and the pallet become one, you should strap the load and the pallet together. Failure to correctly strap a cargo can make unloading difficult and potentially cause product damage. It is critical to use more than one strap when strapping the load. Two or four straps are usually utilized.

    What are strapping bands?

    Strapping straps are used to secure products on pallets or other modes of transportation for safe transportation. The straps, on the other hand, serve a variety of purposes. They can, for example, keep minor product components that aren't protected by outside packaging safe during shipping. Strapping straps can also be used to secure cardboard cartons to pallets. Heavy things, such as machine components, may be safely transported because of the strong plastic straps.

    The usage of a strapping band

    Plastic strapping straps are quite adaptable. Using strapping equipment, they are fastened to the items and pallet, providing the required stability during transit. The straps may be affixed to the products both horizontally and vertically, and the tools provide a strong connection.

    Our strap bands properties

    The tapes are comprised of tough polypropylene that is incredibly tear-resistant. The basic tapes come in two colors: black and white.

    What are metal buckles for strapping?

    Metal buckles are also available to aid in the process of strapping your pallet. Metal buckles allow you to manually change the tightening of the straps around the pallet by hand. This results in a looser strap than the machine strapping technique, but it still gets the job done if you don't have access to a strapping machine.

    What are plastic pallet corner protectors?

    Corner guards protect not only your straps from sharp edges but also your loads from damage caused by over tensioning for direct contact with the strap. For all sizes of webbing, they are available in plastic or steel. The most common source of load loss during the transportation is cut webbing.

    How to safely secure your pallet or cargo shipment

    By following all three steps, you can ensure that your cargo is properly secured during transit. Strapping your cargo to provide stability, using metal buckles for strapping if you don't have a machine, and using plastic pallet corner protectors to avoid damage caused by over tensioning or direct contact with the strap will ensure that your cargo is delivered in perfect condition!

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