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    Vacuum machines from Brada Verpakkingen

    A vacuum machine is a machine that you often see at the butcher, cheese monger and other companies that work with food. You use a vacuum machine to vacuum your meat. This means removing all the air around your meat, making it last longer. You do this by filling a vacuum bag with meat. You then put this in the machine and close the lid. He fills the bag with air and then sucks it empty, creating a vacuum. Then the machine seals the bag and you have vacuumed your meat. Nowadays, vacuuming is very popular. For example, you increasingly see a small vacuum machine in households. These often have less power and are suitable for smaller bags. People also use vacuum pulling to, for example, keep their luggage as small as possible by placing all items in a large vacuum bag and then vacuuming it.

    How did the vacuuming start

    During the 2nd World War, the first vacuum machine was developed. The inventor was a German named Karl Busch. In the beginning, the vacuum machines were used on a much smaller scale than today. Companies started using the machines to ensure that less food was wasted on long journeys. This was of course very important at that time because there was a war going on. After the war, however, it was not until 1963 that the first industrial machines were developed and used. This was a big leap because the vacuuming process could now be much more efficient. As a result, more companies started using it to preserve their food for longer and it also became more affordable. The machines basically worked in the same way as the machines we use today. The process involved removing oxygen from the packages before sealing them. This allowed food to be stored safely and affordably for longer on an industrial scale for the first time.

    How do you use a vacuum machine?

    Brada Verpakkingen sells 3 types of a Chamber vacuuming machine from the brand Multivac. We have the types P200, P300and P400. The P200 and the P300 are very similar, only the por sizes are different. The P400 differs the most from the rest. The P400 has a bottom that stands on wheels. You have to put the 2 other vacuum machines on a platform. All vacuuming machines have a silver color with blue details. It is also called a Chamber vacuuming machine.

    To vacuum your food, start by choosing the right size vacuum bag, then put the chosen product in the bag. Then place the bag in the Multivac vacuuming machine and make sure that the edge of the bag over the sealing bar. The edge of the bag should not get caught between the lid. Choose one of the three defined programs or enter a sealing time and vacuum time as desired. Then start the packing procedure. It is started by closing the lid. When the vacuuming is finished, the lid will open automatically and you can remove your vacuumed product from the Multivac vacuum machine.

    vacuum bags

    To use your vacuum machine to vacuum, you need vacuum bags. Vacuum bags are bags made from two pieces of foils made of different plastics. These bags can be vacuumed so that food has a longer shelf life. For example, the vacuum bags ensure that your product has a shelf life of up to 3x longer. Vacuum bags have many advantages. In this way they form a barrier against contaminants. For example, they also ensure that the nutrients are preserved. They can also protect the product against various weather conditions. It also ensures that the product takes up less space, is easier to ship and can be presented more beautifully. For example, meat or other products that do not have a long shelf life are packed in vacuum bags. This happens because all the air is sucked out of the bag. By using a vacuum packaging, you ensure that no more air can reach the product in question. This ensures that you can keep the product longer! Note that you still have to store your products in the fridge or freezer. Because it will go bad at room temperature. Vacuum bags are widely used within the food industry. They are not only used for foodstuffs. They are mainly used in the vacuuming of: fish, meat, bread, biscuits, vegetables, clothing and bedding, medical products and ammunition.

    Vacuum bags are used for many things. For example, they are used in the storage process of meat in slaughterhouses and butchers. Also For example for sauces and butters.

    What does Brada Packaging offer?

    The Multivac vacuum sealer is one of the best vacuum sealers. We offer you 3 different types of vacuum sealing machines. These are the types P200 table-top machine, P300 table-top machine and the P400 free-standing machine. If you would like a personal telephone explanation about this product, we would be happy to explain it to you.

    Buy a vacuum sealer at Brada Verpakkingen

    Do you need a Multivac vacuuming machine quickly? Then look no further and choose Brada Packaging. Ordered before 15:00 is shipped today. We do everything we can to deliver your package as quickly as possible!

    Do you have any questions regarding the vacuum machines? Feel free to contact us by phone or send us an email.

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    We can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. If you send an email, we will ensure that it is answered within 24 hours!

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    Request your quote here and be assigned your own personal account manager! This means you will receive the best service and the best prices on our paper bags!

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    You need vacuum bags to be able to use your vacuum machine, so we have made a list of different types of bags that you can use.

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