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    Food foils van Brada Verpakkingen

    Food foils are mainly meant to keep your food fresh. But that's not the only use of the foils it can also cover your food against unpleasant bits of other food. It also reduces the smell of your food. There are many different types of food foils that all have a slightly different purpose. Or just slightly different its commissioning. Everyone knows of course aluminum foil this is mainly intended for covering your food. Cling film is again mainly intended for keeping your food fresh while it is in the fridge for example.

    When and how do you use food foils

    As it has already been said you use different foils for different purposes. So, you first have to determine what you want and then choose the right film. If you only want to cover your food, you would want to use aluminum foil. If you want your food to stay fresh longer you should opt for cling film. You use most foils by hand by rolling the foil from the roll and tearing it off. However, there are also films that are intended to be used on a machine. For example, clappack foil. This foil is on a large roll of 625 meters. The machine you use then uses this foil to seal the edges of the packaging so that the meat stays good for longer.

    Which food films do we offer?

    Are you looking for food foil? Then look no further because with Brada packaging you are in the right place! We sell all kinds of good quality food film. After all good quality foil is very important in the food industry. At Brada Verpakkingen we want to ensure that we have a wide range. This So that there is something for everyone. That is why we have ensured that we have different types of films in our range. So, you can package your food the way you want. All products that we offer have different properties which means that they also have a different purpose. Below you have a list of different types of films that we supply and what they are used for.

    Aluminium foil

    Aluminum is known for its toughness. Steel must be treated and coated to avoid deterioration. it naturally produces a protective coating when exposed to air. It binds to oxygen resulting in a dense skin when formed. This way the product does not rust, and treatment is unnecessary. The aluminum foil we offer has a thickness of 11my and a size of 44cm x 150m.

    Cling film

    Cling film is a plastic wrap usually polyethylene that is used to cover food items to prevent them from drying out if they are to be stored for a long time such as if the food has been precooked or if there is some left over. The foil is also intended to prevent unpleasant "odors" from entering the refrigerator and is a good alternative if some dishes do not have a lid.

    Clappack foil

    clappack film is used on a folding machine to seal the edges of the film. The special coating keeps the products fresh for longer. It is widely used for packaging meat products in supermarkets and butcher shops.

    Meatwrap foil

    Meatwrap foilis there to prevent foods such as apples and avocados from browning just press the plastic against all exposed surfaces. And if you're using a dry marinade or seasoning you can speed up the absorption by wrapping the meat tightly between two sheets of plastic wrap.

    Butcher roll

    LDPE butcher rolls have good properties for example it is hydrophobic, and the material is a good insulator. In addition, LDPE is characterized by a high acid resistance and good impact resistance. This makes the material ideal for contact with food.

    Low density polyethylene has high clarity is chemically inert and has good impact resistance and excellent resistance to tearing and stress cracking.

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