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    Are you looking for microfibre cloths & chicopee? Then look no further. We offer different types of good quality microfibre cloths & chicopee. Fast delivery Free shipping from € 150 Brada Packaging ✓ Wide range ✓ Ordered before 15:00 tomorrow at home! Show more


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    Cleaning products van Brada Verpakkingen

    All items used during the cleaning are considered cleaning items. Cleaning items such as scouring pads and microfiber cloths are effective for cleaning your workplace. Whether your workplace is a conveyor belt where meat is cut or an office. Hygiene is becoming increasingly important these days, which is why good cleaning equipment is also important. Of course, you have hundreds of different articles. So for every problem, there is a product that can offer the solution. The two most common cleaning items everyone knows are the scouring pad and the microfiber cloth. These products are in almost everyone's kitchen cupboard. You will also find these products in most companies. This is because these products are nice and simple and have good effectiveness also they are cheap to get.

    When and how do you use cleaning supplies?

    Cleaning items are used to clean dirty surfaces or items. You would be more likely to use a scouring pad for washing dishes and a microfibre cloth for cleaning a desk. A scouring pad can be used as a multifunctional product. You can absorb liquids that you have spilled, clean smooth surfaces. Or you can use the abrasive side of the sponge to sand away unwanted waste. Keep in mind to replace or clean the scouring pad when it gets dirty. Many people think that a scouring pad is clean, but if it is not cleaned, it contains a lot of bacteria. It is recommended that you replace your scouring pads at least once a week. If you use your scouring pads a lot, it is wise to replace them daily.

    How do you use a microfibre cloth?

    Most people will of course think that there is no technique for using a microfibre cloth, but this is not the case. If you use the microfibre cloths in the right way, it can bring many advantages compared to a normal cleaning cloth. It is important to have enough clean clothes with you before cleaning. You can assume that you can clean with this cloth for about 20 minutes. When all clean surfaces have been used, take a new cloth. Do not try to rinse the dirty microfibre cloths. These clothes are only hygienically clean in the washing machine.

    If you want to clean with the microfibre cloth, it is important that the cloth is folded in half 3 times. This creates 16 clean surfaces. When working with the microfibre cloths in a wad, you will not get the desired clean result. When used dry, the cloth is ideal for house dust. The cloth can also be used for: floor wiping, drying, polishing glass or removing wax or polishing pastes yourself.

    When cleaning with a wet cloth, it is important that the microfibre cloths have the right damp moisture and therefore contain approximately its own weight of water. Make a circular motion with the cloth. Use a cleaning surface when you notice that the cleaning forces are diminishing.

    What do we offer

    We at Brada Verpakkingen offer scouring pads and microfibre cloths. The scouring pads have a size of 15x7cm. They have a yellow colour with a blue sanding side at the top. We offer the scouring pads per 100 pieces. The microfibre cloths have a size of 40x40cm and are yellow in colour. We also offer these per 100 pieces.

    We also offer other products related to the hygiene of your company. We also have midi cleaning paper in our range. Also known as a tork roll. These rolls are widely used in, for example, restaurants. This is due to the easy commissioning of the tork roll. You hang it in a dispenser and can then pull out the paper from below and tear it off. The midi roller is used for drying hands after washing hands. Or cleaning surfaces. It is wise never to use a tea towel or other textile products for this. This is because it causes cross-contamination because the bacteria remain in the tea towels. So the most hygienic way to wash your hands before working is to use paper and to wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Midi cleaning paper is therefore the middle size of the rolls, you also have the sizes of mini and industrial rolls. But of these 3 sizes, midi cleaning paper is the most used.

    To order

    You can buy good quality cleaning supplies at Brada Verpakkingen. Have you found the right cleaning items you need? Order them today before 3 p.m. Then they will be shipped today! We will do our best to deliver your package as soon as possible! Do you have any questions regarding our cleaning products or can't you find the right cleaning products you need? Feel free to contact us by phone or send us an email.

    Number:0180 750 440

    E-mail: [email protected]

    We can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. If you send an email, we will ensure that it is answered within 24 hours!

    Information large consumers

    Are you a large consumer and do you need a large number of cleaning products? Request your personal quote here and be assigned your own personal account manager! As a result, you will receive the best service and the best prices on all our cleaning products!

    related products

    Scouring pads and microfibre cloths are of course not enough to keep hygiene high in your company. You may be able to get a long way with it, but you can't keep everything clean with it. That is why we also offer many other products related to hygiene within your company. As mentioned before, we offer midi cleaning paper. But we also offer products to protect people against dirt. You should think of products such as tear-off aprons and sleeve covers. We have all different protective products for people. But in terms of cleaning supplies, I have listed a few related products for you below.

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