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    Vacuum bags side seal 90my boil

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    Vacuum side seal cooking bags van Brada Verpakkingen

    The side weld vacuum cooking bags have side welds on three sides and come in different sizes. These side seal vacuum cooking bags are made of the material PA/PE (polyamide/polyethene).

    Vacuum seal bags consist of 80% PE and 20% PA. Our vacuum packaging therefore consists of 80% PE and 20% PA.

    The PE provides the strength of the cooking bag. The PE also ensures that the bag cannot be punctured easily.

    The PA ensures the shelf life of the zijlas vacuum cooking bags! Furthermore, the PA makes sure the bag keeps its color.

    The side seal vacuum cooking bags have a thickness of 90my.

    What do you use side seal vacuum cooking bags for?

    Side welded vacuum bags and the vacuum bag cooking extend shelf life, preserve product quality and freshness and have excellent sealing properties. Suitable for sous-vide cooking, gas flushing, vacuum packing, microwave safe and freezing, perfect side weld vacuum bags for food industry. 

    The side weld vacuum cooking bags are also definitely suitable for sous vide cooking. Sous vide is a particular technique where vacuum packed food is cooked in a water bath at a constant and relatively low temperature for a long time. You will cook the food using a vacuum bag. That's where the French term "sous vide" which therefore means under vacuum comes from. It is also definitely suitable for meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits and even alcoholic beverages. So vacuum bag cooking has many advantages for preparing your meal.

    The sous vide preparation gets the maximum quality out of a product. Thus, the top point of texture, flavor and nutrients is achieved. It is also a way to cook much healthier. Because you cook the food in a vacuum bag at a low temperature you retain all the nutrients and flavor. Normal cooking techniques do not always preserve those substances. Vegetables are either cooked to pieces or at the expense of their structure. This is not the case when cooking with a side las vacuum cooking bag! 

    And if that wasn't enough, cooking with a side glass vacuum cooking bag has another big advantage. The shelf life is extended many times. Because your product is vacuumed the product is packed airless. This can extend the shelf life up to five times.

    What do we offer?

    At Brada Packaging we have the vacuum bags side by side cooking bags in four different sizes. The vacuum bags do come in the same thickness. Namely 90 micron. Microns are the thickness of the bag and indicate how well the bag can withstand sharp objects such as bone. Do you need vacuum bags for cooking? Check out the different sizes we have:

    Vacuum cooking bag 90my 400x400mm

    Vacuum cooking bag 90my 400x450mm

    Vacuum cooking bag 90my 400x500mm

    Vacuum cooking bag 90my 400x600mm

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