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    Vacuum pouches from Brada Verpakkingen

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    Vacuum tubular pouch 80my 110x250 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 80my 110x350 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 80my 200x200 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 80my 200x400 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 80my 200x500 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 80my 200x650 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 80my 200x750 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 80my 230x350 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 100x150 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 100x250 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 100x400 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 110x300 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 110x350 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 110x400 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 130x150 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 130x200 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 130x250 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 150x150 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 150x200 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 150x250 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 150x300 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 150x350 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 160x250 mm
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    Vacuum tubular pouch 90my 180x250 mm
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    Vacuum bags van Brada Verpakkingen

    Vacuum bags are bags made from pieces of foils made of different plastics. These bags can be vacuumed so that food has a longer shelf life. Vacuum bags ensure that your product has a shelf life up to 3x longer. Vacuum bags have many advantages. They form a barrier against contaminants. Vacuum bags also ensure that the nutrients are preserved. What else vacuum bags do is protect the product against different weather conditions. This ensures that the product takes up less space, is easier to send and can be presented more beautifully.

    What are vacuum bags used for?

    Food is packed in vacuum bags that normally do not have a long shelf life. By using a vacuum packaging you ensure that no more air can get to the product in question. This ensures that you can store the product longer. Vacuum bags are widely used within the food industry. They are not only used for foodstuffs. Also, vacuum bags are mainly used for the vacuuming of: fish, meat and other articles. Vacuum bags are used for many things.

    How do you use the vacuum bags?

    The first thing to do is to choose a vacuum bag that in your opinion and according to the description best suits your product. Think of your presentation and what the bag is used for. Sharper objects often require a higher thickness. It is recommended to use around 120/140my. For example, tube bags are often used for spare ribs, since this is a stronger bag. If it is important that your product has a nice presentation. Then shrink bags are always a good option. As soon as you have chosen the right vacuum bag, your product can be placed in the bag. The next step is to place the vacuum bag with the desired product in the vacuuming machine. Make sure that you place the bag in the vacuuming machine correctly. As soon as you are sure that everything is in order, switch on the vacuuming machine and wait until your product has been vacuumed.

    What materials do our vacuum bags consist of?

    The vacuum bags are made of the material PA/PE (polyamide/polyethylene). Good vacuum bags consist of 80% PE and 20% PA. Our vacuum bags therefore consist of 80% PE and 20% PA.

    The PE provides the strength of the bag. Furthermore, the PE ensures that the bag is not easy to puncture!

    The PA ensures the shelf life of the vacuum bags! Furthermore, the PA ensures that the bag retains its color.

    The thickness of the vacuum bags is determined by the my measurement. For example, 140my is thicker than 90my and can therefore better against sharp objects such as protruding bones. So take a good look at what thickness you would need for your product.

    What does Brada Packaging offer

    We offer 3 types of vacuum bags. We offer side seal vacuum bags, tube vacuum bags and shrink vacuum bags. Do you already know which one you need? Click on the links below to quickly find the right bags.

    First of all, we offer side seal vacuum bags. Side seal bags are sealed on 3 sides. Side-seal bags usually require specific machines. The Vacuum bags side seal that we offer are:

    Vacuum bags side weld blacky
    (This is a vacuum bag that is half black which makes for a beautiful presentation)

    Vacuum bags side weld aluminum
    (Aluminium vacuum bags extend: shelf life, maintain product quality and freshness)

    Side seal vacuum bags with structure
    (vacuum bagging side seal with structure is rough on one side which ensures that this bag can be used on many more different machines)

    Vacuum side weld cooking bags
    (The side-sealed vacuum cooking bags are suitable for sous vide cooking. Sous vide is a specific technique in which vacuum-packed food is cooked for a long time in a water bath at a constant and relatively low temperature)

    We also offer tube vacuum bags. A tube bag is widely used to pack fresh products. Think, for example, of steak, corn on the cob or sausage. Because they are very close-fitting, the shape of the packaged product comes out very nicely. The difference with other vacuum bags is that tube bags have no side seams. This creates the tube shape in the bag. This shape ensures fewer wrinkles when vacuum packaging a fresh product. In this way, the presentation of the product becomes very beautiful. This makes a tube bag an ideal product to use in shops for the catering industry. Finally, we also supply vacuum shrink bags. One of the most frequently asked questions is what temperatures the bags can withstand. These shrink bags can withstand temperatures up to 115 degrees Celsius. Everything can be vacuum packed and stored, just like conventional bags. The standard bags can only be used up to 85 degrees. The shrink bag can be used in boiling water, a steamer or in the microwave.

    Ordering our products?

    Found the product you need? Ordered before 3pm. Is shipped today! We do everything to deliver your package as soon as possible!

    Do you have any questions regarding our side weld vacuum bags? Or can't you find certain products that you need? Feel free to contact us by phone. Or send us an email.

    Number: +31 (0) 180 750 440

    E-mail: [email protected]

    We are available by phone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. If you send us an email we will make sure that it is answered within 24 hours!

    Are you a large consumer of Vacuum pouch?

    Request your quote here and you will be assigned your own personal account manager. As a result, you will receive the best service and the best prices on our range!

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