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    What is a dispenser

    A tork dispenser or other dispensers are plastic housings for tork rolls or other products such as toilet paper. You can place these products in the dispenser so that you can use them with ease. There are dispensers for tork rolls, toilet paper and earplugs. Dispensers ensure that you can easily use the items you need. The dispensers are easy to use. With most dispensers you can open the dispenser with the key that is included. The moment the dispenser is open, you can refill it with the products that go into that type of dispenser. Then close the dispenser again. You can then use the dispensers with ease.

    How and when do you use a dispenser

    You use a tork dispenser in places where people often wash their hands, the toilet or the kitchen. You use the dispenser to store Torkollen. Using tork rollers in combination with a dispenser is one of the most hygienic ways to dry your hands after washing. With most dispensers you can place toilet rolls, tork rolls or other products by opening the dispenser. You do this by using the supplied key to open the dispenser. Now you only need to place the products to be placed in the dispenser. Then you close the dispenser again and you can easily take the product from the dispenser and use it. We also have dispensers for gloves. These dispensers hold the boxes that contain the gloves so that you can take the gloves out with ease. You simply place a box of gloves in the dispenser. This is then ready for use. You use the earplug dispenser for the controlled dispensing of earplugs. You fill the capsule on top of the dispenser with earplugs and place them back on the dispenser. Now you can use the dispenser with ease by turning the bottom to dispense earplugs.

    Why is it important to work hygienically

    Nowadays it is becoming increasingly important to work hygienically in the workplace. Especially when you work with food or medicines. That is why there are so many products on this day that ensure that hygiene can be in order. But why is this so important? It is important to have a high level of hygiene at your company to ensure that your employees or other people do not get sick. The microorganisms to which you are immune can make other people seriously ill. That is why it is important to ensure that you work as hygienically as possible to ensure that these microorganisms have as little chance as possible. Just look at the coronavirus, it spread faster when we were less hygienic. Once we took action it subsided.

    Our offer

    We offer different types of dispensers for different purposes. We have dispensers for tork rolls, toilet paper, earplugs, gloves, shoe covers and folding towels. These dispensers are made of high-quality plastic. As a result, the dispensers are of high quality while at the same time they remain in place. We have different dispensers for the different products. For example, we have different sizes of dispensers for the gloves. The smallest dispenser is intended for 1 pack of gloves and the largest dispenser is intended for 4 gloves. We also have different types of dispensers for the toilet dispenser. For example, we have a dispenser for cap rolls. We also have dispensers that have space for several toilet rolls. These are round dispensers in which you can place multiple rolls. When 1 roll is used up, turn the dispenser and a new roll is placed. The different dispensers have different purposes. We also offer the products you need to refill the dispensers. This way you can easily get all the products you need from us. This also makes it easier for you because then you don't have to find another company that sells these products.


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    Toilet paper dispensers

    Towel dispensers


    Order at Brada Verpakkingen

    You can buy good quality dispensers at Brada Verpakkingen. Have you found the right dispenser you need? Order them today before 3 p.m. Then they will be shipped today! We will do our best to deliver your package as soon as possible! Do you have any questions regarding our dispensers or can't you find the right dispenser you need? Feel free to contact us by phone or send us an email.

    Number: 0180 750 440

    E-mail: [email protected]

    We can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. If you send an email, we will ensure that it is answered within 24 hours!

    Information large consumers

    Are you a large consumer and do you need a large amount of dispensers? Request your personal quote here and be assigned your own personal account manager! This gives you the best service and the best prices on the dispensers!

    related products

    We also offer other products related to the dispensers. These products all have one thing in common, they are intended to keep hygiene high.

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