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    American folding boxes

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    What are American folding boxes van Brada Verpakkingen

    The American folding box is the world's most famous and used box. This type of folding box can also be regarded as the standard box in the packaging industry. You can use the box for different purposes, making it very attractive for most entrepreneurs. What makes it even more attractive is the price. They are quite cheap boxes. The American folding box is also efficient when it comes to space. This is because the boxes can be stored flat on a pallet. The moment you need one, take it off the pellet and tape it shut.


    The boxes we offer are made of double wave and single wave cardboard. The difference between these two types lies in the price and strength. Double wave cardboard is stronger but more expensive than single wave. This is because it costs more material to make. The two different boxes are both made of cardboard. The advantage of this is that the boxes are easily recyclable. The boxes also don't have a big impact on the environment when it comes out in nature. Another advantage is that you can make the boxes small again once you want to throw them away. This ensures that it takes up less space in the garbage can.

    The form

    Cardboard boxes are ideal for transporting items because of their shape. When not using the boxes, the shape is still ideal for storing the boxes. Thanks to the shape they have when they are not yet folded, they are easy to stack on, for example, a pallet. When stacked properly, they form a large block on the pallet. This block is then easy to seal in so that it can be transported safely. This also makes it possible to use as much space as possible on a pallet. Because boxes are easy to stack, you can still stack products that cannot be stacked (because they are scratched, round or do not fit into each other). With the price of transport these days, using space is very important. Because if you take up more space, you have to pay more and this means less profit.

    When and how do you use American folding boxes

    You will receive the American folding box flat and folded. This reduces transport and storage costs for both parties. When you need a box, take a box and pull it out, creating a rectangular box that you still have to tape shut. You fold the short sides in at the bottom followed by the long sides. Now you tape the long sides together along the length of the box with a piece of tape that runs parallel to the long sides. Then you put the products in the box that you want to transport or deliver. Then the last step is to close the box. To do this, fold the top closed and tape it along the length.

    What do we offer

    We offer different types of American folding boxes. The smallest size we offer is more of a folding box, it has the dimensions 320x255x130mm. The largest size we offer is in dimensions 590x390x185mm. We offer 2 types of boxes for single golfs and double golfs. The difference between these is that the one box with single corrugated cardboard has only one layer of corrugated cardboard. The double wave box has two layers of waves. This makes the box stronger but also heavier and somewhat more expensive. Single-wave boxes are good for transporting lighter items that are not breakable. Double wave boxes are good for transporting heavier items or items that are fragile. If you are careful with the boxes, you can use them several times.

    To order

    You can buy good quality folding boxes at Brada Verpakkingen. Have you found the right American folding boxes you need? Order them today before 3 p.m. Then they will be shipped today! We will do our best to deliver your package as soon as possible! Do you have any questions regarding our American folding boxes or can't you find the right American folding boxes you need? Feel free to contact us by phone or send us an email.

    Number: 0180 750 440

    E-mail: [email protected]

    We can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. If you send an email, we will ensure that it is answered within 24 hours!

    Information large consumers

    Are you a large consumer and do you need a large amount of American folding boxes? Request your personal quote here and be assigned your own personal account manager! As a result, you will receive the best service and the best prices on American folding boxes!

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