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    H320 serie PP trays

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    PP H320 Bowls (SPG) van Brada Verpakkingen

    H320 trays are a series of gastro trays that are mainly used in the meat industry and catering. The shells are made of the material PP. What does polypropylene stand for? You see more and more that this material is used. The product is easy to recycle, which makes it ideal for companies that want to make themselves more environmentally aware. The PP gastro dishes are made in two ways: You have thermoform and injection mould. Both products are therefore made of PP, but they certainly have a big difference. With thermoform, the plastic is heated and then formed by folding it around a mould. This will give you the shape of a bowl. However, with injection molding, the PP material is completely poured into a mould. You can often see that at the bottom. At the bottom of an injection molded PP tray there are often studs where the PP has been cut off. Injection molding is generally slightly more expensive than thermoform; However, there is also a difference in quality. Through our own experience and the experience of our customers, we came to the conclusion that the injection molding shells are really a lot stronger than the thermoform. You notice this especially when your gastro trays go on a machine and are mechanically packed with top seal foil. Then if the quality is not enough of the shell, the shell breaks or bends. With injection moulding, the chance of doing so is much smaller, which is why most of our customers really swear by injection moulding.

    What do you use the H320 bowls for?

    The H320 dishes are mainly used in the food industry. For example, we supply a lot to the butchers who use them for a beautiful presentation in the store. The advantage is often that it can be purchased in smaller quantities. The bowls are easy to clean, so reuse is well applicable to the bowls. It is even possible to put the dishes in the dishwasher, which of course saves a lot of time. With the BBQ season you see that many companies use them for catering.

    What types do we currently sell?

    We currently have three sizes in stock for the H320 series. The difference is now in the height of the bins. The rest of the formants are identical to each other. The formats we currently have are as follows:

    PP trays H320 series black size 312 x 245 x 43 mm 2400 cc
    PP trays H320 series black size 312 x 245 x 60 mm 3300 cc
    PP trays H320 series black size 312 x 245 x 88 mm 5000 cc

    Of course we also have matching lids. The lids are also made of the same plastic PP. The lids are transparent so you can clearly see what beautiful product you have.

    PP lids (H320/DE) format 312 x 245 mm (Transparent)

    Why order from Brada Verpakkingen?

    As I indicated in my text, we often use the products ourselves. Besides Brada Verpakkingen we also have a company RAUW21. A BBQ shop with a department that does BBQ on locations. When we go there, the H320 trays are a product that we often take with us. The products we sell are 9/10, so we have tested them ourselves. That is why we like to stand behind our products.

    Are you a large consumer of the H320 injection molding trays?

    Suppose you are now completely upset and think that you cannot get away with a box. Then we can always look to make a suitable offer. One of our account managers will be happy to help you realize a great collaboration together.

    More products related to H320 scales:

    The H320 dishes are just like the ½ and ¼ a PP gastronorm dish. We offer both products. Below are a few products that we offer:

    1/2 gastro trays
    1/4 gastro trays

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