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    Brada Verpakkingen - Saturday 17 December 2022

    Sustainable packaging

    What does it mean to be sustainable?

    Sustainability is getting a lot of attention these days, but what exactly is it? In a nutshell, sustainability is "creating a product with the least amount of environmental damage feasible." The product is made using the fewest feasible raw components. It is also critical that the product be reusable or recyclable. The product's quality must not diminish. Packaging may also be made more sustainable by considering how a product is carried. More items can be carried per load if vehicles are categorized more efficiently. As a result, there are fewer emissions during transportation

    Why make the move to environmentally friendly packaging?

    Plastic packaging continues to grow in popularity across the world. Similarly, in Dutch. The rising population is one of the causes behind this. Another factor is that today's consumers do numerous internet orders. The abundance of plastic packaging is a key source of concern. Consider the plastic soup, as well as the massive pollutants that plastic manufacture generates. Because packaging accounts for more than 20% of all garbage. It is critical that we work together to address this issue. This is aided greatly by the adoption of environmentally friendly packaging. Using environmentally-friendly disposables ensures that more may be recycled. You can assist to improve the environment by switching to sustainable packaging.

    When is packing considered to be environmentally friendly?

    Packaging may be made more environmentally friendly by employing sustainable materials. Bamboo, starch, sugar cane, cardboard, paper, and wood are all examples of sustainable materials. There are a number of other aspects that contribute to packaging's sustainability during manufacture and transportation:

    • Organize package transportation as effectively as feasible.
    • Ascertain that the packaging may be recycled.
    • Make sure the packaging is recyclable.
    • Preventing waste during the manufacturing of environmentally friendly packaging.
    • Use solar energy, for example, during the manufacturing process.
    • Packaging that is tailored to conserve space.

    * Renewable packaging is created from 100 percent organic raw materials. These basic elements are renewable because nature can provide them practically endlessly.

    Examples of renewable disposables are oursugar cane plates and ourbamboo skewers.

    Bioplastics are increasingly being used to package products. Bioplastic, unlike conventional plastic, is not manufactured from natural gas. Plants are used to make bioplastic. Corn, sugar cane, and potato fibers are utilized as raw materials. As a result, bioplastics' raw ingredients will not run out. Natural gas will be depleted.

    What are the advantages of environmentally friendly packaging?

    A significant amount of packaging has already been recycled. Not all packaging, however, can be recycled. Recyclable packaging is available. This is critical, because, as stated in the introduction, packaging accounts for at least 20% of our garbage.

    You may improve your company's image by utilizing sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging is gaining popularity among consumers. The usage of this packaging ensures that you are perceived favorably by a large number of customers.

    Which sustainable packaging/products does Brada Verpakkingen offer?

    Brada Verpakkingen believes that packing should be more environmentally friendly. This is reflected in our product line.Sustainable disposable dinnerware, sustainable skewers, sustainable printing paper & boxes, sustainable protective material, meat saver paper, hygiene paper,andrecyclable plasticcan all be found on our own landing page for sustainable items. All of these items are environmentally friendly and recyclable!

    Here's where you can see our Sustainable collection!

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