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      Vacuum tubular pouch 120my

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      Vacuum tubular pouch 120my

      What is vacuum packaging?

      The term "vacuum packaging" literally translates to "packing without air." All air is removed from the package before it is sealed while vacuuming food. Vacuum packaging is done with a vacuum packing machine. Food has a longer shelf life when packaged this manner.

      What is a vacuum tubular pouch 120my?

      Vacuum packing without side seams is known as a vacuum bag tube 120my. This is also how the tube vacuum bag differs from other vacuum bags. The only seal on the package is at the bottom of the bag. This gives the bag its tube form. When vacuum-packing fresh items, its form ensures fewer creases. As a result, the 120my tube bags are frequently utilized to create a stunning display.

      A machine creates the tube vacuum bags 120my. This machine is constantly covered with a sheet of foil. The foil is inflated and then cut into pieces. On one side, this makes a seal.

      What materials does a vacuum bag tube 120my consist of?

      The material PA/PE (polyamide/polyethylene) is used in all of our vacuum bags. With the exception of our Aluminum vacuum bags and our Vacuum bags shrink. 80 percent PE and 20% PA make up good vacuum packing. As a result, we use 80% PE and 20% PA in our vacuum packing.

      PE is responsible for the bag's strength. The PE also makes it difficult to puncture the bag.

      The PA guarantees the vacuum bags' shelf life! The PA also helps to keep the bag's color.

      What do you use vacuum tubular pouch 120my for?

      Fresh items are commonly packed in a vacuum bag tube 120my. Consider meat, veggies, or sausage, for example. Food keeps fresher for longer in the freezer thanks to the vacuum packing. There is just one seal on the packaging. This guarantees that your fresh items are presented in a more appealing manner.

      The bags are useful for keeping garments as well as packing food. You may save a lot of room by storing garments in vacuum packing.

      Clothing can be stored in vacuum packing. The garments may be vacuum packed to save a lot of space.

      How do you use vacuum tubular pouch 120my?

      A vacuuming machine is used to employ vacuum bagging tubes. A vacuuming machine guarantees that all of the air in the bag is sucked out. The bag is properly sucked once the air has been forced out of the vacuum bag tube. A sealer is another name for this equipment.

      You will find the best vacuum bag tube 120my at Brada Verpakkingen!

      We also provide the following thicknesses in addition to the vacuum bag tube 120my: 80my, 90my, 100my, 140my, and 160my. The bags come in a wide range of sizes. Can't seem to locate the right size? Please do not hesitate to Contact us! Then we'll work together to find a solution.

      Are you a large consumer of vacuum tubular pouch 120my?

      Are you a large consumer of vacuum tubular pouches 120my? Request your quote here and you will be assigned your own personal account manager. As a result, you will receive the best service and the best prices on our range!

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