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      LDPE poly bag 20my 10/2x4x27cm
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      LDPE poly bag 20my 14/2x4x26cm
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      €12,36 Excl. tax
      LDPE poly bags - 20my 140/2x4x32cm
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      €13,18 Excl. tax
      LDPE poly bag - 20my 140/2x4x38cm
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      €14,83 Excl. tax
      LDPE poly bags - 20my 160/2x5x35cm
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      €16,49 Excl. tax
      LDPE poly bag 20my 160/2x5x50cm
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      €24,75 Excl. tax
      LDPE flat bag 50my 400 x 600 mm
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      €114,83 Excl. tax
      Small covers for E2 crates
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      €91,12 Excl. tax
      LDPE Transparent 20my cover

      LDPE Transparent 20my cover

      LDPE transparent 20my cover

      The transparent L...
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      €91,69 Excl. tax

      The importance of LDPE plastic bags

      Because LDPE is flexible and has a low tensile strength, it can endure a lot of stretching before breaking, which makes it ideal for applications such as plastic bags, bin bags, and other plastic films.

      Another major feature that makes LDPE bags so useful for storage containers is their resistance to moisture. Obviously, if a liquid is capable of seeping through the bin bags, you won't want to take them out! LDPE is also utilized for chemical tank linings, water pipelines, and squeeze bottles for this reason.

      LDPE has surprisingly high impact resistance, despite its modest tensile strength, making it usefully durable.

      Because of its great chemical resistance, LDPE, like HDPE, is available in a variety of food-grade variations, making it ideal for food packaging, single-use beverages cartons, and other uses in the retail food business. It may also be utilized in offices for sanitary work surfaces.

      LDPE bags have a high-temperature resistance as a thermoplastic, they keep their form well at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 90°C. They're quite severe temperature ranges for most applications.

      Why LDPE plastic bags in the packaging industry?

      • Plastics protect products and electronics from harm in the same way that packaging protects food. Plastic packaging protects the majority of the things we buy, from books and pencils to toothbrushes and sports equipment. These exterior coatings protect objects from scratches and dents that might occur during transportation.
      • Plastic packaging reduces food waste since much of the food we buy in supermarkets is wrapped in plastic, whether it's cereal, bread, sugar, veggies, or meat. These protective coatings assist to keep our meals fresh longer by keeping them dry and preventing microorganisms from infecting them. Our food would decay in hours if we didn't use plastic packaging.
      • Plastic in transportation helps with long-distance transit, allowing us access to a diverse range of non-local produce, which fosters commerce. It also saves space by stacking items, making transportation more efficient.

      What we have to offer in LDPE plastic bags

      What is the function of our offered LDPE bags

      For tiny, soft, and non-fragile objects, poly plastic bags are a great alternative to cardboard boxes. Polybags, rather than boxes, create less waste and needless filler, such as packing peanuts, cardboard spacers, dunnage airbags, or scrap paper.

      They're perfect for transporting books, periodicals, printed material, clothes, and fabric goods. Polybags are also a great way to send things that are already wrapped in durable boxes, including DVDs, packaged cosmetics, shoe boxes, or boxed video games.

      The flat pouch is ideal for both food and non-food items. Vacuum packing can also be done using pouches. Flat pouches are frequently used for portion packaging. Materials and qualities can be mixed for various applications to provide a perfect match for your product.

      Covers can help prevent collusion with your products, lowering the risk of damage during shipment. In the case of food packing, they can assist prevent pests from coming into contact with the consumables inside the crate.

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