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      Three side sealed vacuum pouch

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      Three side sealed vacuum pouch

      What is a Vacuum pouch 3 side seal?

      Two layers make up a side seal vacuum bag. The side seams of these two layers are bonded together. As a result, the vacuum bag side seal is sealed on three sides. The same material as our vacuum tubular pouch is used to make side weld vacuum bags. Side-sealed bags are less expensive than tube bags, for example. This is due to the fact that creating a vacuum side seal bag is less expensive. The production of a vacuum tube bag necessitates the use of costly machinery.

      What materials does a Vacuum pouch 3 side seal consist of?

      PA/PE (polyamide/polyethylene) is the material used in all of our vacuum bags. With the exception of our Aluminum vacuum bags and Vacuum bags shrink.

      Vacuum packing should be made up of 80 percent PE and 20 percent PA. As a result, our vacuum packaging is made up of 80% PE and 20% PA.

      The bag's strength is provided by the PE. The PE also prevents the bag from being punctured.

      The PA extends the vacuum bag's shelf life! Furthermore, the PA guarantees that the bag's color is maintained.

      What do you use Vacuum pouch 3 side seal for?

      The food business is the primary user of a side seal vacuum bag. A lot of meat, vegetables, and cheese are packed in side-seal vacuum bags in this industry. In the apparel business, the bags are also commonly utilized. Food has a longer shelf life as a result of this packing method.

      How do you use Vacuum pouch 3 side seal?

      Vacuum bags are used with a vacuuming machine. The vacuum sealer guarantees that the bag is completely devoid of air. The bag is thoroughly vacuumed once the air has been forced out of the side-seal vacuum bag.

      A sealer is another option for using side-seal vacuum bags. With a sealer, you may use heat to seal the bag shut. The bag is no longer vacuum-sealed, but it is now (water)tight!

      Which Vacuum pouch 3 side seal does Brada offer?

      We offer the best side-seal vacuum bags in different sizes and types. In addition to 90my side seal vacuum bag, we also offer four other types of side seal bags: blacky vacuum bags, aluminum vacuum bags, structured vacuum bags and vacuum cooking bags. Can't find the format you are looking for on our website? Feel free to contact us and we will look for a solution together!

      Are you a large consumer of Vacuum pouch 3 side seal?

      Request your quote here and you will be assigned your own personal account manager. As a result, you will receive the best service and the best prices on our range!

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